16:00 Meeting in city center for the welcome Coffe πŸ™‚

17:00 City-tour as a present for the foreigners (in English).

19:00 “Pintxo pote” in Kukubarre society. Itziar’s parents are members of so called Basque Txoko. We will be able to eat some things which we will cook there and drink together.


Basque Society.Β  It’s a place bought by a group of friends, reconstructed to create an area of tables and a big kitchen, where just they cook by themselves and they use to gather from time to time to eat and drink together. To read more about what is a Txoko go to the Wikipedia link, unfortunately the English version has a wrong sentence where it’s said that just male members can enter. That’s wrong! Of course is not just male-entry! 😦

“Pintxo-pote” This means Snack and Drink. It’s a really cultural thing which basically consist on pub-crawling to taste the traditional Basque drinks and snacks.

City of Vitoria-Gasteiz.


12:00- Zeremonia Gasteizko udaletxean

13:30- Udaletxetik jatetxeraino eramango gaituen autobusa gure zain egongo da

14:30- Lehenengo edaria

15:00- Bazkaria

… Txaranga + DJ (Music timetable to be added soon )


13:00- “El Rojo” tabernan topatuko gara

13:30- Marianitoarekin hasiko gara πŸ™‚

17:00-18:00 Agurra emateko momentua 😦