info-147927_1280We will enjoy the lunch together in the Cider House IBARRA (Ibarra Sagardotegia). Remember that the Basque Cider Houses works in the following way, during all the day we will have available the home made cider barrels, where we can drink as much as our body allows us! Txotx !!!

If anybody doesn’t like the cider (which will be difficult, because the home made cider is ñami-ñami) we will manage some beer and wine as well.

We booked the Cider House Ibarra for all the day, during the day we will have the following activities:

  • Welcome drink
  • Lunch
  • 2 Hours of Txaranga, Basque live music
  • 2 Hours of free special drinks
  • DJ music during all day
  • Dinner

Afterwards we will take the bus back to Vitoria and those who still have energy, can keep partying in the old city pubs. We will inform you about the exact timetable later on, by posting in this webpage.


Thank you so much! We are already looking forward to meet you all!


Itzi & Honza