During all the day, we will enjoy Oscar’s Company. Oscar is an expert in parties, shows and is a great DJ. What songs will you like to listen? Let us know in advance and we will manage to have your favorite songs in the disco! Oscar will be with us from 15:00 to 00:00.

As there is going to be a really international party, he is opened to all kind of music. He is already informed that we will have traditional Basque songs, Czech polka and much more!

During the lunch Oscar will play some nice songs and once we will finish the coffe after lunch, Txaranga will arrive!info-147927_1280

And, what is Txaranga? It’s a band of Basque street music, that will play for us! This time we will have the great opportunity of having ¨Peña Poteo¨ band with us, formed by 11 beautiful and funny guys!


Let’s dance!